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  • cd-surfer: A simple TUI file explorer

    cd-surfer: A simple TUI file explorer

    cd-surfer is a replacement for the endless cd ls cd ls … cycle on linux shells. It is meant to be a simple and fast Text-based User Interface file manager. Here is the link to cd-surfer´s Github repo Some features: In-folder search demo: Despite that it is still lacking a lot o features I want, for a weekend project it is good […]

  • Compiling rtmidi with CGO / Golang

    Compiling rtmidi with CGO / Golang

    In this post I write a step-by-step guide on how to build the gomidi library for Go, using the rtmidi driver for windows. The process was very painful in my machine, when I tried to build it using an old installation of MinGW and TDM-GCC. But if you are starting from scratch, you should have […]

  • Simple Midi Controller (2/2)

    Simple Midi Controller (2/2)

    In this post I will finish the build of the MIDI controller from the part 1, focusing on the PC software side that forwards UART MIDI messages to a MIDI port. In the physical world, MIDI actually IS run over UART. If you have a MIDI device with a DIN-5 connector, it is pretty straightforward […]